Sunday, May 3, 2009

Old...and a half

So tonight at dinner Puddin and Hubby were talking about everyone's ages. The following is their conversation...

Hubby- "Puddin, how old are the babies? "

Puddin- "Newborn!"

Hubby- "that's right! How old are your brothers?"

Puddin- "One!"

Hubby- "Great! How old are you?"

Puddin - " Three... and a half!"

Hubby- "Yep. Now, how old do you think I am Puddin?"

Puddin quietly sits and thinks then throws her hand out and says,
"OLD.... and a half!"

hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!! I could not contain myself!

Even Hubby was laughing! He would not be stopped though- he insisted she give him a number so he persisted in the questioning...

Hubby- "Well, Puddin, what number would you say Daddy is?"

Puddin- looking VERY CONFUSED.... sits silently

Mommy -still suffering from
VLS, says, " she doesn't know numbers that big, honey!"

OOPS! But, hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!! We all had a good laugh!

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