Saturday, May 2, 2009

Who Needs Cindy Lou??

The other day while I was completely bored with nothing to do... yeah right! As if I thought you would buy that! Let's start over... the other day in the midst of MAD CHAOS that can be my life I decided to spice things up a bit...

Surely most people have heard of Cindy Lou Who. Well, Puddin wanted a pony tail and what Puddin wants, everyone wants. So, Monkey See and Monkey Do ended up with Cindy Lou Who hair... see below!

I thought they looked pretty cute.


'Nuf said!

kind of hard to see Monkey Do's pony tail due to the lighting... Monkey See, on the other hand, is sporting his pony tail quite well! Side version of Monkey Do's pony tail.

Nana and the Monkeys!

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