Monday, May 18, 2009

Wild About Smiles

This is where our children go to the dentist.

Wild About Smiles!
The staff is fantastic! Ms. Buffy and Ms. Jennifer are so patient with my kiddos, especially the screaming banshee we affectionately call "Puddin".

I had intended to take some blog worthy photos of our visit today but due to the fact that I had to feed 2 little ones during the visit because they refused to eat beforehand, reign in 2 little guys who really enjoyed all of the attention and hold down the screaming banshee all at the same time, I just didn't have free hand to snap and shoot.

But, I am still smiling! All in all it was a really great visit. There was ample room to move so the kiddos didn't feel all boxed in (like they do at the pediatricians office). And since they weren't climbing the walls I was pretty relaxed too! Puddin had her 1st ever xray. besides the ear piercing shrieks, she did great!

Monkey See waivered between whines, tears and smiles the whole time and Monkey do is probably the only child capable of smiling through a teeth cleaning. He loved everything about the visit. The gadgets intrigued him to no end. The only thing that could compete was the ladies!

Oh yes, he is a charmer and adores the attention! At one point he was in the techs lap (BIG GRIN ON HIS SWEET LITTLE FACE!)before I knew what was going on he had pulled out all of the stops- he was doing his "check me out" routine. This involves a running start, leading to a high flying jump and a little booty shake followed by a smile that could light up the entire state of Texas! The boy is only 21 months old!! But he had a captive audience! Once the Dr. came in he immediately switched his attention to him and really wanted Dr. Vogt to pick him up and hold him. I'm not sure what scared the doctor off. Either he was super busy (I'm sure he was... we waited for a bit, thus all the time for the show) or he was frightened of the super snotty nose that had resulted from the fantastic show we had all just witnessed. Oh well.

I can only imagine what awaits us 6 months from now when we return!!

oh yeah- I now have to add flossing my children's teeth to our nightly bedtime routine. Does anyone else do that with little ones??? I thought that could wait a while but I guess when you have a little mouth packed full of shiny chompers you gotta floss!!

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