Monday, May 11, 2009

Totally Random

**UPdate** I will have new items in the side bar in a couple of days. I will have Puddin Pop dolls for sale as well as burp cloths, dresses, aprons and a few new items I am working on. Pictures to follow soon!

Well, we had a SUPER, WONDERFUL Mother's day yesterday! It was filled with my most favorite things in the world- sloppy wet kisses, big baby hugs with pudgy arms and hands that squeeze so tight, a thoughtful, loving husband, sweet smell of peonies, giggles from my little people and the funniest card I have ever received- home made (the best kind) my my hubby! It was a totally perfect day- almost. Poor Monkey Do was sick with a stomach virus. Other than the fever and throwing up- it was PERFECT!

I ran across a picture from this time last year. It's so fun to go back and look at pics like this and see just how much they have changed! Love it!

Tomorrow is our check up at the pediatricians office. That should be fun! I am looking forward to seeing how much the babies have grown. We are officially retiring a sleeper of Bud's tonight- his toes are trying to poke through! I'll post tomorrow with results from the visit.

I have started sewing again and the "shop" is open! I have several things ready and waiting to be finished.

Finally, here are a few pics from last week. Enjoy!

The Monkey's after lunch. We found that ketchup makes a wonderful hair gel! (They were not amused!)

Puddin and Daisy

Puddin and Bud

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