Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marching to the Beat of his own Drum

Monkey Do at 8 months! CAUUUUUTE!!!!

Monkey Do...

What a face~! Most days I could, quite literally, eat him up!

All of my children are unique in their own ways. Each a true gift. I ADORE each one of them. But Monkey Do... he sets himself apart from the rest in very different ways.

Of my 3 oldest, he is the most outgoing and rarely meets a stranger. He is exceedingly friendly- if that's possible. He is LOUD (oh- wait- they all are!). He is fearless in every sense of the word. HYSTERICALLY funny. Charming. Tender. Emotional. He tries my patience more than any of the others. He is predictably unpredictable. He is affectionate, stubborn, self assured and loves to dance. He does not care for the Beatles (another story I'll save for later). Has a strong affection for all things Barney (the big purple dinosaur).
He fiercely loves his brother

He is seriously CHEESY! LOVE IT!

Standing beside the GIANT hosta in our backyard. It's HUGE!

While some of these things individually describe my other amazing children, this unique mix of traits makes up my little man called Monkey Do.

You can not be in the same room with him and not smile. He has that affect on everyone. He has the sweetest voice, yes, even when he is screaming!

Lately, we have seen him really come into his own personality wise. While I could say Puddin is mostly a leader and Monkey See tends to be a follower (mostly of Puddin), Monkey Do, well, he blazes his own trail and doesn't care who does or does not follow.

In fact, he has taken a sudden liking love to his sisters shoes. I think it's the noise they make as he stomps through the house.

He also has taken to a pink Easter bonnet Puddin received at a tea party this spring.
Um-hum. Pink. Easter. Bonnet.

In fact, when he woke up from his nap today he spotted it across the room, started hollering "HAT!" "HAT!"
So, his brother brought it to him while I was changing his diaper (WHOLE other story there- could quite possibly win me Mother of the Year but I'll save it for later).

Needless to say he put that pink Easter bonnet on and there it stayed.

Yes, he wore it to church.

Yes he waived to every person he saw and said "HI!" with his swwweeeet little voice and great big smile! He was pure sugar!! I only had to tell one person he was a boy and that he just liked the hat.

Seriously- she asked me how it was possible to have 2 sets of twins, especially 2 sets of boy/girl twins....UGH! I quickly pointed out that Monkey Do was a BOY not a girl, despite the hat he chose to wear to accessorize his extremely BOYISH outfit.

He is awfully pretty though!

Oh well, I say pick your battles.

He can wear his sisters Easter bonnet anytime.

He marches to the beat of his own drum.

After all, real men wear pink!


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