Monday, May 25, 2009

Stawberry Saturday part 2

Walking hand in hand to the strawberry patch.

Puddin and Monkey See picking with Daddy and Nana Flowers.

Monkey See, Puddin, Monkey Do picking berries.

"I need a basket, please!"

"I'll just eat this one!"


"Hunh?" also known as the snarl~ a new thing he has recently picked up!

YUMMMM!! Strawberry honey popscicles!


"Watch this, sis!"

Daisy and Bud- just chillin

"See what we did!"... they actually picked almost 3 baskets full!



Katie said...

Isn't that the best place ever! We went last week and I can't wait to go back.

Melanie said...

Melissa~ I LOVE reading your blog. I love seeing your lil munchkins and you make it all seems so easy (I realize its not but you make it look effortless). I really need to place some orders with you. I've been meaning to do that for SEVERAL months! I'll send you an email.

Greg said...

The strawberry patch was so much fun and actually breezy that day. It was Melissa's idea to go there and so glad we did. Fresh, so fresh tasting the backrow of half-eaten berries the kids took part in are the evidence! Those popsickles are the best any of us ever... had... any flavor anytime.
Go sometime and spend a few minutes under the trees in the shade if nothing but to sit and talk, eat one, and purchase a big basket of prepicked strawberries! Call before you go they run out. Much more fun to walk to get 'em and enjoy the scenery, exercise, yet peacefulness. Then back for the popsickle to cool down as we did with our picnic!