Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Froggy Went A Courtin

** Just so you know...no dogs or frogs/toads were injured or mistreated in any way.

We are back and semi rested from our 1st family (all 7 of us in tow) trip to Pulaski. After you get past the car ride (2 hours) which involved much crying, a lot of vomit and a little whining as well as some gnashing of the teeth and clawing of the face, the drive wasn't so bad.

Upon arrival, 2 of our children then proceeded to roll down a very steep embankment after they were frightened by my parents beast dog they affectionately refer to as Molly. Thankfully the children were saved by their crazy, screaming mother (screaming for their father to get rid of the dog!!) and their brave, super hero father who chased the dog until she was caught and imprisoned. Whew!

Once we finally unloaded everything but the kitchen sink from our van the day went into full swing and involved a LARGE pool and a LOT of people. Momma was NERVOUS to say the least. But my little people did great and had lots of fun. I will post some pics from that later.

What I really wanted to share was what happened after everyone left. I washed a load of diapers and while I was waiting for my moms washer/dryer to do it's thing I gave the kids a bath and hubby started to reload the van. During this time it had started to rain and the yard started filling up with toads and frogs. So hubby comes back in telling me about this HUGE frog out on the steps. I REALLY wanted him to catch it! I wanted the kids to get to see one up close and experience the whole frog thing. So,off he went. He came back with not 1 but 3 frogs!!!
We were so excited we loaded those puppies up in a shoe box and added them to the load of stuff in the van. The kids never knew their were frogs under their feet the whole way home!

So this morning I remembered the frogs! We were getting ready to leave to go to my Bible study but we first had to see the frogs. I told them I had a surprise for them and we headed to the backyard. Oh what fun!! They had a great time with the frogs/toads (I'm pretty sure they were toads). Monkey Do started out brave but was more comfortable with a little distance. Monkey See liked poking them with the bubble wand and Puddin puffy heart loved them! She sang to them and baby talked them, she even found a hole they could live in! She was very sweet.

So enough from me- enjoy the show!

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Greg said...

The boys and Hadleigh are fearless! Where did they get that from Honey?