Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother of invention...

There is a quote about invention and necessity... baby brain is in full force today so I can't quote it exactly, which is a bummer since it's supposed to be the title of this post!
Anyway, hopefully, you get the idea (I'm functioning on VLS today- very little sleep). And since we are on the topic of VLS- does anyone know when I can expect more than a 3 hour feeding?? What I mean is, and yes I know I should know this answer- I have 3 other children and have done this before but again... VLS...
Back to what I mean- when will my babies go for more than 3 hours in between feedings??? UGH! I so do not remember this part from when the boys were little! I guess God just removes that from your memory- much like childbirth- only the good and happy thoughts remain!

What a ramble! Back to the point of the post...

I am a mommy to boys, 3 to be exact. (I also have 2 girls but this post doesn't apply to them). Never did I really expect to be a mommy to boys and quite honestly, I was a bit afraid when I found they were boys. BUT, I have have embraced this mommy to many sons thing pretty quickly-I think- and I adore, ADORE having boys!! They are such joys! And man, there is never a dull moment when they are awake!!!

If someone ever says "boys and girls are so different"- BELIEVE THEM!!! Oh, the stories I could tell!! The scary part of that is my boys aren't even 2 years old yet! Imagine when they are teenagers!!

Well, since I am a mommy to many sons I must admit- I have been peed on more than a time or two! In fact, little Bud got me in the hospital at just a few hours old! I knew better! I knew that thing could get me at any moment and bless his sweet little heart- he took the first opportunity- his very 1st diaper change by mommy and daddy! ( A little embarrassing since we had and audience! My sweet friend Kandra just happened to be there for the show!)

Anyway- in effort to avoid any more "incidents" I went on a search for some PeePee Tee Pees. Now, I purchased a pack of these several years ago for a friend. This was also several children ago when we had money to burn, but that's not the point. Since purchasing them, I can no longer find them except on the web. When the Monkeys were little I nearly ordered some but decided to take my chances.

I can no longer afford to "take my chances" with so many little people running around that need me. Diaper duty is all business these days. The quicker I get the job done and move on to the next task, the better! So, I found some on the web again yesterday and I almost bought a pack but then decided to try my hand at making some... Below is the result! I think they turned out great and they are super functional too!!
Gotta love necessity... or is it invention????

BTW- just in case you are not a mom of many sons and aren't sure how these things work- let me explain... Place the tee pee on the wee wee and there will be no more pee pee!!

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Kristi J said...

ok, I'm totally cracking up...I can't believe you have 5 babies 3 and did you have TWO sets of twins?? That is amazing...I had 4 pregnancies in 4 years and people acted like I was a freak when I took them all out in public....too funny :) I'm sure you must get the comments if I do :) We were in for twins for our adoption, but got a single baby that makes 5 for us....I'd love to adopt ONE more time, but my hubby says he like the we'll see :) Thanks for stopping by and saying hi..I love big families too and I believe you might have the most small children I've seen :) too fun..congrats on the new twins..kristi