Monday, May 4, 2009

Sew Cute!

This weekend I did a little sewing. Mostly out of my incessant need for my children to match. Now, I'm from the south and in the south we monogram and match... a lot. That's just what we do and try as I might I can't tear myself away from that. It really has nothing to do with the twin thing. Of course I've always matched the Monkey's outfits but most of the time Puddin is coordinated as well. I guess it's sort of my way of keeping my ducks in a row. I can pick them out in a crowd. It's almost like a "team uniform" of sorts... just a lot cuter!

Thankfully my children have a Nana that adores their cuteness so much, she also likes to see them match and willingly helps me make this happen. But- you should have seen her face when I said I would like to see all 5 of them match! I was a bit worried for her! Anyway, as most of you know (I'm assuming you have children and dress them on occasion. I certainly don't dress mine every day of the week. What I mean is I don't change them out of the jammies unless we are going somewhere or they get filthy. We are BIG on pajama day in this house!).

Ok- back to the post... focus Melissa... Most of you know how expensive it is dress your children. I certainly do! I found the cutest t-shirts the other day but after ordering 5 of them I would have shelled out over $125 for T-SHIRTS!!! Not.gonna.happen! So I decided to crank up the old sewing machine again and see what I could come up with. I have to say... I LOVE ALL OF THEM! Everything turned out sooo cute! I'm not tooting my own horn here- If you made these I would say they turned out cute too! So, for my sweet cousin Dawn, if you see these and want some for your wee ones just email me! I would LOVE to make these for your little darlins!

So, here are some of the latest creations! Remember, you can click on the pic to get a better view.

"monogrammed T-shirts" I made one for all of the kiddos but didn't want to post 5 different pictures of each shirt.

You're welcome.

Matching Stripes... Tie and dress. All of the boys have the "tie" t-shirt and Puddin and Daisy have a matching dress.

Finally, matching sister embroidered pillowcase dresses... in toile!


Benton Family said...

Mel---or should I say Martha?
Seriously, I just can't live up to the standards you set! I curtsy to you, my friend! My jaw is dropped over here....too cute for words are the tie t-shirts and matching dresses! OH MY WORD! :)


Melanie said...

Ok, I have officially become your blog stalker because I've been on here since yesterday (well, not constantyly but in my few spare moments)! Anyhow, I LOVE the toile dresses!!! I may have to add three of those to my order ;).