Friday, May 29, 2009

Puddin's Room

I was saving this post for another time but after I read about the give away on Kimba's blog I just had to go ahead and do it now... minus the pictures! Maybe I can post those after I get the final product!

Anyway, since we moved Puddin's room several months ago to make room for the babies I have been trying to get her room "little girl" perfect. She had the most adorable nursery ever so it has been a hard task to manage. After all, I did also have to decorate another nursery and had just completed the boys nursery! It's really ok though, I love doing this kind of thing. the problem is there are only so many hours in a day and our house did not come with a money tree in the back yard! So, I have been frugal and crafty. Imagine that.

We managed to get her bed on sale at JCP and it's perfect! I found a hutch/dresser at a second hand store and it's perfect! Several of the things from her nursery also followed her down the hall too.. perfect! Now, I have a few other things I am wanting to do. They involve, in no particular order, a tree, a ballet bar/mirror/ vinyl letters and a bird.

Today I read a post by Kimba which may (cross your fingers) help me with the vinyl letters and bird. Now, I would just buy these things but the babies need formula and vinyl letters aren't in the budget right now! Check out Kimba's blog if you are curious... or go to to Lewa Designs and pick out some thing for yourself! They have really great prices ( I've already been comparison shopping) so you won't break the bank, even if your like me and many, many babies to feed.

I went to their site and found lots of things! In fact, all of babies could use something from their site! So, if your like me and have pottery barn style without the pottery barn budget, go check them out! You won't be sorry!

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