Thursday, May 28, 2009


Monkey See 8 months old

Meet Monkey See. He is my 3rd born child and for a short while, the baby of my brood.
He has the sweetest temperament and biggest heart.
He is the yin to his brother's yang.

He has the goofiest laugh that makes my heart pitter patter when I hear it!

His smile- oh, his smile! It melts my heart everytime!

He's a thinker. He watches everything and comes up with a plan. He is not usually first at doing things (because he's watching and thinking about how to do it) but he is pretty successful at everything he tries. I haven't seen him not accomplish anything he has tried.
cleaning the garage

sliding with a friend at the park

This is my little Monkey See.
catching a frog

He was a late walker (13 mo) but, because his brother and sister were walking, he wanted to keep up with them so he devised a plan. He would crawl as fast as he could to the riding horse or the scooter that we kept in the house...they both had wheels on them. Then he would hop and on and ride away! He would push that thing like crazy to keep up with them and got really good at it. So good he could sometimes pass them by~ with a smile on his face!

He's shy, most of the time.
He's a talker and an eater! Very much like his Daddy in those areas!! They are usually the two left at the table when everyone else is finished eating!

1st birthday...yummy cake!

last weekend... strawberry smoothies!

He adores his sister. He has become her little shadow, following her around and imitating everything she does (except wearing the princess clothes- that's Monkey Do's job!)His brother is his best friend! They can make each other laugh so hard it's hysterical!
He is tender hearted and can easily get his feelings hurt.
He is a helper and a pleaser.
He loves books and loves to sit and "read" with his sister.
He is content and happy, most of the time.

Animals fascinate him.
He snarls. A lot. Not because he's unhappy, he's just thinking- hard.

the snarl

He can skip!! It's sooo cute!!
He kicks and throws a ball with amazing accuracy- he's only 22 months old!
He sings... all the time... yes, it's precious! I love it when I hear him late at night signing in his crib... so sweet. He holds his mommy's heart in the palm of his hand.

He loves being a big brother. Our new babies bring him joy each and every day! He greets them every morning with "babies!" and a kiss. And he is sooo gentle with them both.

His first few weeks of life were the hardest of my life but I wouldn't trade
them now for anything.
He is strong!
He is a miracle.
Each day with him is a gift!

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