Monday, May 18, 2009


We broke out the bumbo seats this weekend and had lots of fun seeing how much our sweet little nuggets have grown! They are sitting in their little seats just checking out the chaos excitement around them. They love it!

I would think all of the sudden movements by a couple of unnamed Monkeys would be startling, but not for these two.

I just can't believe they have grown so much already! We have already had to pack away sleepers and other clothes they can no longer wear!

I know it appears as though Daisy has a horse dancing on her head. I PROMISE, she did not! No babies were harmed during this photo shoot!
Also, please disregard the pile of laundry in the background. It has since been put away!

Please, God, let the days slow down so I can savor every minute with my precious little ones!
It just goes by too fast!

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