Friday, May 29, 2009

Run, Hop, Ride!

As I type this now, all 5 children are
peacefully snoozing the afternoon away.
It is nap time. Sacred, sweet nap time!

If only mommy could take a nice long, restful nap.

Oh well, I feel good that I have washed the diapers and sheets, unloaded the dishwasher and made a strawberry pie for dessert tonight. The last of our glorious strawberries from Saturday have finally been used. The rest were all used to make strawberry freezer jam and strawberry honey popsicles... yum!

All of that, plus we went to Puddin's dance class today!
Oh- and I fed them today too!
Not that I don't usually feed my children,
I just thought I should add that to the list!

Unfortunately, there is still a lot to do around here.
Thankfully, I seem to have some extra energy
so I am on a mission to get
as much done as possible.
Wish me luck!

Ok- the real reason of this post???
To share some pics of my little luvies of course!

People ask me all the time,
"How do you get them all to sleep
at the same time every day?"

Let me show you....

Monkey Do... "JUMP!"

Look at that girl go! Wow!

Monkey See singing- no he's not crying-
just singing with emotion!

If only we all (meaning me) had so much energy!

We also like to race!

Go, luvies, go! It helps to scream while you run.
Apparently you run much faster that way!

We also ride our bikes on our indoor race track...
kitchen, foyer, dining room, living room.... fun!

Finally, they seem to be running low on gas!
Could it be nap time is approaching??

We do lots of things during the day besides watch TV. Don't get me wrong, they watch TV. Usually it's on in the morning and they watch Backyardigans (my favorite) or Dora. But I only leave it on for about an hour and it's usually when we are getting ready to go do something and are finishing up with breakfast and getting dressed to leave. In the afternoon they can watch TV while they have a snack after nap time. We usually watch Barney then, cause you know,
Monkey Do will have a major meltdown
without his Barney fix.
So for all of the rest of the hours in a day we play.
We play with play dough and paints and glue and scissors.
Lately, (since the babies) I need at least 1 clean hand free
so we haven't done as much of that.
We read stories.
We build towers with our blocks.
We also spend some time outside playing and digging.
We go, a lot.
We love the park and the jungle gym
surrounded by the big fence.
When I'm by myself with them that's the park I go to.
We meet up with friends for picnics.
Really, we just make good old fashioned memories.
Hope you are making memories of your own today too!

Now- back to my mommy work!

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