Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ok- I have run into several people lately that know a lot about this little life I am living and it perplexes me... I keep asking myself, "How did they know that?"

Finally someone said, "Oh- I read on your blog..."

But my blog hasn't been receiving any comments lately so I would like to ask a favor, if you read this will you please leave a comment? Even if it's a quick hello it would be nice. This blogging without a comment is kind of like a one way conversation and those are not usually very good! I would LOVE to hear from you!

I realize not everyone knows how to comment, so if you do please overlook this paragraph! If you don't, please read on...

At the end of each post is a place that usually read (on my blog anyway) 0 Comments.

If you click your mouse on that a new window will open and it will prompt you on how to leave a comment. If you don't have any of the accounts listed to choose from you can log on anonymously but if you do please sign your name at the end so I know who I am "talking" to. It's kind of like leaving a voicemail!

It's really not hard to do!


1 comment:

Katie said...

I will gladly leave you a comment. After we move you better keep up the blog so I can see how you and your sweet little babies are doing.