Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Past orders

Here are a few custom orders I finished up over the past couple of weeks. All of these clients should have received their little treasure by now so I'm not ruining any surprises! Just to be safe, I'll leave off the names and details!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Puddin

Ok- so it's 10 til 1... in the A.M. here as I type this out. I should be sewing sleeping, but since I broke the umpteenth needle tonight while working on the PPk's I decided it was as good a time as any to blog. Makes sense, right?!

So, here is the low down on Puddin's Big Day.... (I may break this up depending on how sleepy I get while typing this- it's been a long few days)

So, for the grandparents and aunts and uncles, these are the events of her actual birthday... Oct. 13, 2010... the day she turned 5. And be warned, there was much anticipation leading up to this big day! She was so excited to turn 5 I encouraged her on Oct. 12 to have a great last day being 4!!

She started her day off with happy hugs and birthday wishes from the family, then she went to preschool. We had braved a thunderstorm the afternoon before to go and purchase cupcakes for her class to celebrate so we were armed and ready.

She had a fantastic day at school and came home with lots of birthday wishes. She couldn't stop smiling! It was so cute, I asked her why she was smiling so much and her response was, "I just love it when people tell me happy birthday!"

Once we got home we had some repair men come to look at our floors due to a dishwasher leak. This was not part of our original Puddin's 5th birthday plan, but around here we have learned to roll with it. So Puddin spent the afternoon on the telephone with her family soaking up more happy birthday wishes! She most definitely was not complaining!

Once daddy got home from work we headed out to her favorite restaurant for dinner... Wasabi Japanese. To say she loves that place is an understatement. The first time she went, back this summer, she was petrified of the fire. Now she begs to go every time we drive past!

The kids love it, as do hubby and I, and we now have it down to a science as far as seating/ordering, etc. AND, we realized that we can all 7 go there and eat cheaper than if Hubby and I went by ourselves and had to pay a babysitter! (C-R-A-Z-Y-!)

After Wasabi, we enjoyed playing in a little rain outside. What's better than fortune cookies, a full belly and puddle jumping????

Why cake of course!

SO we headed home for a little cake. Since Puddin's party was on Saturday I didn't really want a ton of cake around the house so I made a little cake. Her favorite, chocolate-chocolate chip. She also wanted chocolate icing (she's a fanatic) but we were out so we opted for strawberry. She loved it and the rest of the crew could barely wait to get a bite too!!

Next up, it was time for her gift from us. But, it was really late, way past 7:30 bedtime and Bud and Daisy just couldn't hang any more so we rushed them off to bed and then Puddin opened her present.
She got an American Girl Bitty Baby (Princess Bitty is her new name) and an $4 consignment sale find- a Graco stroller! She is so happy with her gifts! Even her brothers liked them! She was even sweet enough to give them a turn around the racetrack with the stroller and Princess Bitty!

Finally, it was time to put my big 5 year old girl to bed for the evening! What a day. She closed her prayer that night with "Thank You for letting me be 5, I just love it!"

Then, the anticipation moved on to Saturday's party. More on that later. The sandman is calling!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


This weekend we celebrated Puddin's 5th birthday.

Puddin... just minutes old!


Puddin at 1 year old

How can she be 5 already?!

2 years old

My sweet baby girl has grown so much, so quickly.

Puddin (3 years old) and Monkey Do (15 months)

She even told me today,
"Hey momma, guess what? I'm not shy anymore!
Isn't that cool!?"

Puddin on her 4th birthday

Yes, she is growing up and I'm so proud
of the little girl she has become!

Puddin Oct. 2010

I will be sharing pictures and stories from her birthday celebration as well as other things we have been doing this October but I have some serious sewing to do over the next few days so I'm afraid the posting may be scarce around here for a bit! Bear/bare? with me as I try to keep up!

Since I try to only "work" while the kiddos are sleeping so I can be mommy while they are awake, and the majority of my crew is no longer napping for a 3 hour stretch, and I have a husband I would like to spend time with, I have to sew during my "spare" time.

But- I promise to share lots of details of my Puddin Pop's
special day just as soon as I can!

It was really "tweet!"