Monday, February 22, 2010

Why we won't be visiting Disney World anytime soon...

I'm still playing catch up from missing my weekend of real life.
I'm actually battling Mt. Wash Me. For the record, I'm losing.
The thought of starting our very own nudist colony has crossed my mind more than once.
Can you tell how sick I am of laundry?
One good thing about our trip is when we travel we use disposable diapers!!
WOO-HOO!! At least I'm not having to wash diapers today!

Actually, there were alot of good things about our trip. Most importantly was seeing my Nanny and spending some time with her. When Puddin found out we were going to Mississippi (I didn't tell her why we were going except that we would get to see Nanny)her reaction was, "YAY! We're going on vacation!! Do we get to stay in the hotel?"

I love that girl!

So other than seeing my beautiful Nanny, the use of disposable diapers, and a happy 4 year old, here are a few more reasons this was a good trip:

1. Everyone slept almost the whole way there!

Monkey Do Moneky See

Well, almost everyone!

2. Big, bouncy hotel beds!
Hotel rules are a bit different. Yes, they are allowed to jump on the bed.
Cheap entertainment at it's finest!

3. We all can still fit in one room!
The babies each get a pack-n-play,
the munchkins get one bed and hubby and I get the other.

4. Getting to spend time with my Daddy and step mom. Even though the circumstances were not good, it was great to see them!
Bud and Pappy
Monkey Do and Pappy reading a book

5.Free haircuts for the boys!
My sister is a hairstylist so she brought her scissors to give the boys a much needed haircut. This time the boys got a haircut in the hotel bath tub!! We're crazy like that!
Money See looks a little concerned!
So does Monkey Do!

6. Going out to eat!
We rarely do this. In fact, I think the last time we actually went to a real restaurant that has a waitress was when tthe tornado came through town and we had no electricity. The babies were exactly 1 month old!!
It looks like Daisy had a great time!!

7. And, finally, $1.00 fake hair from The Dollar Tree!
The kids were so great when we went to dinner (they were actually really great the entire trip!) that we were feeling very generous so we walked around the corner to the Dollar Tree and told them they coudl each pick out 1 toy. The Monkeys acted like it was Christmas morning. Puddin had her eye on a wind up Easter chick until she saw the "fake hair". Once she laid eyes on the hot pink hair- it was all over for that chick!

Really, just seeing my Nanny and spending time with her made it all worth it. But it was nice to see the rest of my family and have my kids happy at the same time.

Now, it's back to Mt. Wash Me!
Happy Monday!

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