Monday, February 1, 2010

Tea Party Table for a Pwincess

Today I am linking up on Kimba's DIY day and to Before and Afters at Thrifty Decor Chick.
I don't usually do these but I thought it would be fun and maybe- I could win a great prize!!
So, here goes....

About a year ago Puddin was wanting a "tea party table" for when she was a pwincess.
We have a nice wood table for the kiddos but it is generic (not too girly or boy-ish... since we have both).
So, I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I started looking around the house. I found one of those cheap inexpensive, screw together tables that you can find at Walmart but, it was a little tall for a 3 year old tea party.

Stained, dirty table from the garage

After I used my handsaw on the legs, it was the perfect height.

but still stained and dirty

Then I decided to paint it... colorful. Puddin liked it but it didn't say "pwincess" to me.
So I went to my sewing room and started digging through my scraps. Puddin's nursery had custom bedding, thanks to Nanny, and I had lots of fabric left over. Thankfully, I had enough to make a custom skirt for her table.

I added ribbons to tie to the legs just to make sure the little Monkey brothers
couldn't pull it off when they stormed her room. So far, so good!

The table complete with skirt to match her bedding.

Now, all that was missing were seats. About the time I was making all of this I was also taking care of 2 newborns and 2 toddlers and a 3 year old and was seriously sleep deprived. So in the middle of the night I would think up home improvement projects I could do around here.
I have no idea why I was thinking of more things I could do?!?
Sleep deprivation makes you do crazy things.

That being said, I knew I wanted the seating to provide storage for the tea party set/food/etc., and I wanted it to be pretty, and to match, and to be cheap inexpensive.


5 gallon Buckets!

I found these at Walmart for $5 bucks each. I got out my glue gun and staple gun and left over foam batting. I cut out enough foam to fit the lid, cut the fabric out to cover the foam and started attaching the fabric with the staple gun. I just stapled straight through the rim of the lid. Then I went around with a butter knife (I'm serious, ya'll)and bent the staples down so there was no way little Puddin was going to get hurt.

Storage solution!! Yay!!

The stool was looking cute but it still needed something.
A skirt! Back to my fabric stash and a wee bit later I had whipped up 2 skirts to go around the stools. I added some ribbon for finishing touches and finally- it was complete!

A tea party table fit for a pwincess!

AND, another great thing about this is the skirts for the table and the stool are removable and can be washed, like when a little brother colors on the table with a crayon. Like now.
BTW- Puddin was snoozing during the "pwincess Tea Party table"- otherwise I'm sure she would have been all over these pictures!


Jane said...

That is genius! Lady, sleep deprivation works for you! Not that I wish it on you, but you sure make the most of it!

Treasia Stepp said...

It is all so adorable. My grand daughter would love this. I might just have to copy you.

Melanie said...

Great ideas, Melissa! I've been looking for a cute girly table with chairs that won't break the bank...I may have to "steal" your idea!!

Mommy said...

This is PRECIOUS! Love the little chairs. Great job Momma!

Stephanie said...

Wow, what a great way to be creative! Lovin your stash of fabrics :) I did a princess table for a friends daughter from an Ikea table and chairs, blinged it all up and put marabou all over was fun! I am thinking your best ideas come sleep deprived! Great job!

Melissa said...

Thanks everybody! It was lots of fun to make and Puddin plays at this table every single day. I guess it was worth the sleep deprivation! Ha!

KayEllen said...

Adorable :)

Nice to meet you!

Kay Ellen

Simply Sara said...

Oh my! How sweet!
I LOVE the little stools, what a great idea!
Definitely a table fit for a princess.
My two princesses would LOVE this set.

Thanks for sharing such a sweet idea!

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

I looOOOVE this!! What a great idea and so cute!! I love your blog and your super cool ideas, I'll be back!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Precious. Just precious.