Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Valentine, Puddin

Today was Puddin's Valentine's Day party at her preschool.

She has been so excited all week. Every day she asks if it's Valentine's day yet.

So last night we made valentines for her friends

(home made Valentines for each of her friends with
cute little stickers by Autumn Leah)

and a sweet little treat too.
cotton candy "ice cream cone" found here

We fixed up something special for her teachers,

"Owl be your valentine" found here
(remember when I mentioned what a great site it was?!?)

and I made her a special dress for her party today.

She was ready to go!
(her new bucket bag full of goodies!)

We snapped a few pictures and she was off!
She insisted on braids and the Monkey's insisted on being in the picture!

Watching her excitement was so much fun!!!

After school we read through all of her valentines as she
gobbled up the chocolates lickety split!

The Monkeys were curious about her excitement and just kept watching her with puzzled little looks. (It really was very cute... she was very, very excited about her day!)

She even saved a special bag of candy from her party for her daddy. Watching her make a point to give him something worth so much value to her was really special.

Have I mentioned how much I love my Puddin?
I love her so much.
She' a pretty special kid.

Happy (early) Valentine's Day!

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Greg said...

Honey, thanks for all you do and a big thanks for making Hadleigh's valentines school day celebration so wonderful. Thanks for having the boys part of it as well, they were happy I see. Wish I could have been part of it, but the candy Hadleigh gave me was yummy! Thanks to you too puddin! Love you!