Friday, February 26, 2010

The week in review

Hubby is working hard, as usual. He has also been sharing some seriously funny youtube videos with me while I'm trying to work...such a distraction... but really funny!
His head is healing up nicely. On our trip he had a collision with the hatch of our van. Bless his heart- I know it hurt so bad. I thought he might need stitches but in true manly form, he sucked it up and carried on.

Puddin is learning to read and is loving it! She is also writing words and making up new words daily! But, she is also S.I.C.K., which meant a run to the handy pediatricians office.
(Surprisingly, it went remarkably well, minus the screaming from the throat swab.
We saw the "toddler whisperer" today. I seriously need to devote an entire post on this man alone. But that's for another day.)

Monkey Do has continued to serenade us with his rendition of "cows on the farm with McDonald" aka- Old MacDonald had a Farm. Only now he insists that I dance along with him. Of course I oblige the little fella! He is seriously adorable as he stomps his foot, sings and plays his guitar/fiddle. {{hearts}}
He has also decided to start using the potty, a little. But, it's on his own and he prefers to poopy rather than tee-tee, which I am totally ok with! But, I guess that was too much info!

In true twin form, Monkey See has now rebelled against the toilet and refuses to go near the porcelain monster. {sigh}
He has however, perfected his tackle techniques for football as well as hit pitching form for baseball, oh and his superior biting skills. He is a multi-tasker, that boy!

Bud, sweet, sweet baby Bud, has decided to start standing!!! And in majorly HUGE news, he has also started saying Ma-Ma!!! {{BIG HEARTS}}

Daisy, while not standing, has extremely quick and agile crawling moves, she adores dog food (I know it is gross but at least it's dry food). She has cut 3 molars in the past 2 days and she has perfected the art of the "eye poke". I wonder if it's related? And just today she added something new to her repertoire....

I really have to find the baby gates this weekend!

But for now- Momma's tired so I'm off to bed!


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