Thursday, February 11, 2010


This is a sweetie pie Puddin Pop.
I love the hair.
I tried this out at Christmas on some of the Puddin Pop Kids.
It's called "Elfish eyelash".
I think it's named appropriately!

Large blue chenille
brown eyes
blonde bob hairstyle with front pig tails
hot pink/green skirt
Mark 12:30


Nick, Lindsey, and Anniston Kennedy said...

These are absolutely adorable! I'd like to place a custom order! Do I send you an email or just leave a comment?? I just love these!!


Melissa said...

Hi there! Welcome to PPD! I'm so happy you stopped by and like the Puddins. Yes, you can order a doll. Just send me the info/details for your doll and I will get back with you to confirm the order and clarify any questions. My email is
Happy Wednesday!