Wednesday, February 10, 2010

11 months!

Happy 11 months to my sweet dynamic duo, affectionately dubbed in blogland as
Bud and Daisy.

Yes, they are 11 months old today!!!

(I really find it hard to believe that they are almost 1!)

And the world is their oyster!

They are busy, busy!

They like to chase their big brothers and have crawling races, play the piano... yes, they are gifted!
They also enjoy cheesin for the camera!!

They a drink from a sippy cup and have tons of teeth and love to feed themselves.

Every now and then they get into a tiff, but mostly, they love each other and make the rest of us smile...a lot!
Daisy putting her chompers to use as she swipes a toy from big brother Bud.

Can you guess which one we have started calling "Bruiser??"
Here's a hint... it's the one who is still not sleeping through the night!!! Mercy!
Happy 11 months sweet babies!
We are so blessed to have you in our family and can't imagine the past 11 months without you! We are looking forward to your big day!!!
And yes, for those of you wondering, we are having a party.
The planning is already in the works!

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Thanks for the memories and great selection of pictures. Love you.