Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow days of the present... for real this time!

This week we had a snow day. 5 snow days. FOR REAL!!
We had good ole fashioned snow- it was awesome!!!
It has been a super long time since I have seen snow like this and the kids had a ball.
But- because they had all been sick and were newly recovered, the first day i didn't really want them out in it. It was really, really cold.
So we decided to wait until Saturday to venture out. By Saturday that thick, fluffy, perfect to build a snowman snow, was now covered in a sheet of ice. OOPS!
So we went sledding instead.
Yahoo! They had so much fun!

After wards we had hot chocolate and cookies and later, after hubby went out and gathered some ice free snow, we made snow cream! It was sooo good! The kids loved it!

Preschool was closed until Thursday so we had lots of quality at home time enjoying the beauty of the snow. It was great!

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