Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some things Never Change

I took this picture this weekend of Monkey Do and I was reminded, that yes, some things don't change. Thank goodness! I love it that this silly little rough and tumble boy LOVES his pink Easter bonnet. And yes, he still wears it, and occasionally sleeps in it. He has been known to wear it to church on more than 1 occasion, but whose counting?

However, he also ventured out and now wears other hats as well. He is an accessories kind of guy.

wearing his new hat from Santa ( I think he actually wore this for 6 days straight, even to bed!)

Wearing Daddy's father day gift from last year...

An all time favorite... the black top hat!

the cowboy hat

the bicycle helmet

another one of daddy's hats (notice the shoes with socks)

Not only does he enjoy wearing a hat but shoes and socks are a must for this little man. It's almost an obsession. If he is awake- he has them on. At naptime he cries because he has to take them off and when he wakes up, he cries until I get them back on him. Once their on, he tests them with a quick jump, then he's good to go.

in his Christmas p.j.'s


Baby Bud seems to be in training! Hehe!

As a mommy, there are several little things my kids have held dear that I plan to keep. This Easter bonnet from the Target $1 bin is definitely one of them!

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Greg said...

That's my hat boy. Glad I can call him even better names than that. I love him dearly, precious smiles!