Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My, how time flies

January '08
January '09

January '10

It's hard to believe how much they have changed!! (And how GIGANTIC their feet have become!) My baby boys are becoming big boys before my very eyes!
I love these little Monkeys.
(I just noticed in each of the pictures Monkey Do is on the left and Monkey See is on the right- and I just realized that is how they are usually placed- funny!)
We had a dentist appointment today. Another checkup. They were so brave. Puddin was not. DRAMA. I spent so much time holding her hand and calming her down, I looked over and Monkey See was already in the chair getting his teeth cleaned!
They both did great! Puddin finally overcame her "fears" and stopped crying, as we were leaving and she carried out 2 magic wands. Magic wands apparently make everything better.
Oh- Bud and Daisy- yes, they were with us and just the best babies as usual. They sat in their stroller and watched all of the Puddin drama. Poor things had a front row seat! Bud finally had enough and started to cry but Monkey Do came to his rescue and made baby Bud happy again.
I am so blessed.
Have a happy day!

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Greg said...

Great pictures, thanks for all of them honey.