Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow days of the past

We recently had some severe weather. The weather forecast included freezing temps and snow... yes, SNOW!!! Oh- how I remember waiting for snow days when I was teaching. I loved my job, but man, it was hard to beat a good snow day.

See if you know anything at all about Middle Tennessee weather then you know a "snow day" smack dab in the middle of Middle Tennessee goes something like this...

A threat of serious weather causes a mass exodus from local business where people work.
Everyone and their momma heads to Kroger for a milk run.
Kroger will run out of milk. Every. stinkin. time. (so glad I now shop at Publix!)
If you are a teacher or a student in any school in the middle Tennessee area you will be GLUED to the TV waiting for Snowbird and praying (sort of, except we don't really pray for things like that) to see your county covered in the snow graphics on tv.

You might even stay up until 1 or 2 in the am with friends if you are a single teacher and convinced there is a school cancellation in your future.
If you are no longer a single teacher but instead, a mom of 5 little ones, none of the above really applies. But still, the joy that comes with seeing that snowflake colored county on the map is priceless. Even if you still have to get up and go about your day as usual.

But, back to my list...

Once you see the cancellation of schools, you roll over happily and sleep, sweet sleep, the morning away. Occasionally you may actually get up to see the beautiful 1/2 inch of snow on the ground, but after the first time or two- it's no biggie.
Once you do roll out of bed (10 ish?) and get ready for your day, you are just in time to meet your girl friends for lunch!
BUT WAIT- how will we ever get out?? We had massive amounts of serious weather forcasted... schools are closed...
Well, that 1/2 inch of snow does not last long. And it's pretty much a given at around noon on a snow day, if not a couple of hours before, life as usual can happen. With the exception of the miniature, melting snowmen dotted across neighborhood yards.
So go ahead, enjoy the snow day in Middle Tennessee!
Stay tuned to see what we did during our recent snow day...

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