Monday, January 25, 2010


Momma got a new haircut this weekend... so did the Monkey Brothers.

At first I thought I would let theirs grow out into the cute little surfer dude look... ya know, kind of long and shaggy, but not too long and shaggy.

But then I remembered, I'm not exactly a "long and shaggy kind of girl".

That was about the time I looked into the mirror and saw, you guessed it, long and shaggy. UGH! So, I decided to get a new shorter do. It's not at all like the picture I took in with me (doesn't it always happen like that?), but it's growing on me. I tend to need time to adjust to big changes, like haircuts.

Funny, adding babies to our family just seems to be an easier adjustment to me!

Anyway, I'm waiting another month or two before I go in for my "spring highlights", cause I want it to be natural, ya know.

But enough about me... check out the sweetest little boys EVER!! They are so stinkin adorable I can't stand it sometimes!

Monkey See explaining something to Bud

Quite the vocabulary too... the other day Monkey See looked up at me (after one of my "Kate Gosselin" moments- yes, I do have them, occassionally- as I was trying to channel my inner "Michelle Dugger") and said, "u da bes mama!"

ohhhhh... you could have scooped me up off the floor! I melted right there! I mean, what 2 year old can say, "You're the best momma???"

And Monkey Do... well, if he got any sweeter these days we'd have to package him up and sell him on a stick! He's so, so loving and full of kisses! He whispered in my ear last night (I know, how precious is that?!?) and said, "I wub u!" If I were a cartoon there would have been big puffy hearts coming out of my head!

And Bud, he's just out to steal the show with that smile! Such a sweet heart!

My boys... sure they have their moments, but man they sure know the way to their Momma's heart.

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