Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snow days of the present

So, my last post about our most recent snow day gave a long ago account of what my snow days might used to have looked like.

Well, I assure you, they are much, much different now.

Now, I go to bed and deal with whatever I have to deal with in the morning. No waiting or anticipation for me. No lunch with girlfriends either. I'm sure in a few years (snow days of the future) it will a lot different for me again.

But for now, it's pretty much life as usual. Except we have some cancellations in our plans because, you know, the roads are horrible here and we southerners just do not know how to drive in anything but sunshine!

Our snow days usually consist of pajamas, hot chocolate, fuzzy socks and smores in the fire place.

Cause that's how I roll. ha!

If Daddy is home then throw in some "fun in the snow"... if we get out before it's melted. Otherwise, it becomes "fun in the slush". Yes, we have done both.

Monkey See & Monkey Do- snowday, January 09

Hubby, Puddin and Frosty- snowday, January 09

But this year we decided to switch it up a little. Since Hubby was home with us and we have a new pass to the community center




arriving at the pool still wearing coats and hats from the cold outside!

On a snow day!!!
How cool is that?!?

Mermaid Puddin

Monkey Do kicking up some water beachside

Monkey See cheesin' for the camera!

Actually Hubby and the big kids swam and the little ones and I watched. But we still had lots of fun.
Bud and Daisy basking in the sunshine. (they did have on socks/shoes when we got there but it was so toasty in the pool area I pulled them off.)

It sure made for a great snow day!
FYI- we never even went out to play in the "snow" this time!!

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