Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This past weekend we took another trip to Mississippi to visit some lots of family! It was one of those trips that was really, really great once we were actually there. The problem was it took us 6 1/2 hours with 5 children under 4, in 1 van to travel 252 miles! That's like traveling 38-39 miles per hour!!!! TORTURE!!!!
But, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'll save the details for later (when I have my pictures) and just say that we were blessed beyond measure to finally arrive at our lovely hotel and to see so many people we dearly love!
For that, we were truly thankful!

Santa's sewing shop aka, Puddin Pop Designs will be closing for the holidays on Nov. 25th! So, if you have been procrastinating placing your order email or call me asap!!

Monkey See and the mi-mi... Oops, sorry to have left you hanging like that! Yes, he finally overcame his grief of his mi-mi and has moved on to greener pastures. I came very close to a late night walmart run a couple of times but I held off. He no longer swipes Bud or Daisy's and he no longer cried for it. Now, he totes around a football, his new most coveted possession! I'm ok with that and he's happy. The mi-mi thing was hard for a few nights but I stuck with it. Now, if only I could do the same with potty training! ugh!

Big Boy Beds... yes they are in them for going on 2 weeks now. Surprisingly, they have done really, really well! Monkey See, due to his aversion to change, once again had a bit more trouble adjusting. He is my sensitive child. And, he was perfectly happy in his little crib with no desire to climb out. So, his first go round in the bed wasn't very successful... lots of tears. Finally, after a nap and regular bedtime in it he did well the next day. So far, no further issues with it for him.
His brother, sweet, passionate, busy, Monkey Do (also the older of the 2) jumped right in his bed the first day, threw his hands behind his head and hollered, "nite-nite Momma!" Perfectly content and happy to see the crib go bye-bye. He loves the freedom and bounci-ness of his bed too. I have had to remind him a couple of times to stay in his bed at bedtime and that only hotel beds are for jumping on... hehe!

Although the transition has been fairly easy, it has affected our coveted nap time. It seems of late that as soon as my monkeys (1 in particular) begin to stir in their sleepy haze, they immediately think they MUST get up and come find me. This is something Puddin never did, and still does not do. She stays in her bed and calls me or waits until I come to get her. Not my Monkeys. So, this has limited my down time and my time to get house work, sewing and my own occasional napping.
Oh well, it was great while it lasted!
Oh!! I almost forgot!! Design Dazzle, one of my favorite blogs, featured Puddin's "Little Red" party on their site the other day!! So cool!!! I wished I had put more pics/details up but, oh well! It was still a fabulous party and I was just tickled to be featured on their site!

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