Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Busy Weekend

What a great weekend we had here! The weather was beautiful! Once you read this post it might not sound like we had a great time but, we really did!

On Saturday we decided to take the kids to the Greenway and park. I naively thought they might like to explore and we might be able to walk a mile or so...WRONG!

Their legs hurt and they wanted to ride, the sun was too bright or it was too hot, someone was thirsty or they were hungry... isn't that how it always goes?
Even Hubby and I were feeling the pain. Because we only have a triple stroller (how funny is that statement!?!), I usually carry Daisy in the sling, Puddin walks and the boys ride. (truly, it's a sight to be seen!)So, that's how hings started out. Except Puddin decided about 5 minutes in that she needed to ride. So we alternated which walking child would have to "hoof it" when we reached the bridges.
This worked out ok for a while until Bud decided he no longer wanted to ride but he needed a little TLC, which meant holding him, and carrying him. Now, ordinarily I would L-O-V-E to have a little one on one time with my little man, but this little man is HEAVY!! At his 7 month check up he was in the 90% weighing in at 22lbs and 10 oz. Can you say, "HOSS"? Thankfully Since I was already carrying Daisy, Hubby had the honor of carrying Bud. I'm so glad I married such a he-man!
After such success with walking the Greenway we just headed back to the park for a little relief and to let the kids have a little fun.
My boys are belly sliders. I know, it's bad. The teacher in me screams NO every time I see them do it! But, it does bring them lots of joy so I try and supervise them when they start this. And truthfully, belly sliding is the least of their dare devil adventures lately.
Silly Puddin

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Never did we expect it to be so crowded! I mean, who goes to the park on a Saturday in November with 70+ degree weather? Apparently, the whole town had our idea. This, combined with the fact that the slide was SUPER fun, made my little Monkeys, one in particular, a little territorial.
We have NEVER had playgroup problems before. Not ever. I guess there is a time for everything and one of my Monkey's decided to push a giant baby and sit on him so he couldn't slide. Yes, he did.
So, not only did I have to deal with the stares and questions about about my lovely brood, but there were also snide comments and remarks thrown in for good measure! I did handle the situation as best as I could. Thankfully, when I called him over to talk to him he came right away. I explained the problem... it's not polite to sit on GIANT babies (truly he was), we share the slide, etc. Then I made my poor little Monkey Man sit in time out. I know he misbehaved and deserved to be disciplined but after Giant Baby's mommy was so snotty I really didn't want to correct my child, even though I did. I can't believe I just wrote that... that's so, so wrong. Anyway, when it was all over I made my little monkey go say he was sorry and give him a hug.
Everyone moved on and we all had a good time.
As you can see, even Puddin got a little territorial about her bubble window. Must've been a full moon that night!

Daisy slept most of the time so she didn't make any of the pictures once we got started.
Anyway, lots of fun+ great sunshine+ a few minor mishaps= a pretty perfect Saturday.

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