Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Whew- what a day! Finally all my little loves are sleeping.
It looked a little uncertain for a while there. You see, one of my Monkeys decided this weekend was the perfect opportunity to perfect his climbing skills... climbing out of his crib, that is. We warned him, talked to him, encouraged him to stay in his bed and to never, ever climb out. After all, he could get hurt. He didn't listen.
So, once again, my plan was thwarted! My plan included Monkeys in the crib until they were 3 so as to avoid increased chaos at bedtime and naptime. No.such.luck.

Thankfully I found an awesome deal several months back on twin beds on Craigslist. I also found a great sale on some bedding. So, I had everything I needed to set up 2 big boy beds, except courage. I needed a big mama dose of that! I put it off on Sunday, he climbed out of his crib. I put it off on Monday, he climbed out of his crib again (but only after he screamed his head off and woke up his brother).
So we set up 1 bed last night just so they could get used to the idea of it and look at it, sit on it, etc. The didn't sleep in it. And, since he was in his crib last night, he climbed out of it again this morning.

While Puddin was at preschool I frantically set up the beds and maneuvered around what had now become an obstacle course, since I had not disassembled the cribs yet. Just in case.
(note to self: assembling twin beds while cribs are still up in the room is not easy, especially with 2 babies and 2 toddlers needing you every few minutes!)

Nap time rolls around and Monkey Do jumps right in his bed, raring to go. Typical. That's why he's affectionately named, Monkey DO. Monkey See on the other hand, just wasn't feeling it. He had a much harder time but to make a long story short, he finally fell alseep. And thankfully both of my sweet Monkey's slept for nearly 2 hours!! Tonight they both went to bed pretty easily and are sleeping soundly right now!! YAY, YAY!

After their nap I decided to go ahead and take the cribs down, I mean who am I kidding?? There is no going back around here. So as I was taking them down I got to thinking about all of our cribs/beds.... follow me here... it gets a little confusing or crazy, whichever you prefer!

When hubby and I got married we had 1 bed and a spare bed. = 2
Puddin was born and we added a bassinet, a travel bassinet and a crib. =5
The Monkeys were on their way soon after and we added 2 more bassinets and 2 more cribs.=9
Went to a consignment sale and sold Puddin's original bassinet but came home with a pack and play.= still @9
Puddin moves to a big girl bed and we take the guest bed for her room and put away her crib in the attic. = still @9
Surprise!! Bud and Daisy are on their way... and we are 1 crib short! UNBELIEVABLE since we have 9 places to sleep and only 5 people living here.
Unexpectedly a sweet friend with older twins offered her cribs to us (they were matching-Yay!).
So we added 2 more cribs for Bud and Daisy bringing our "bed" total to 11.
We found solid wood bunk beds on Craigslist for the Monkeys and snatched them up knowing we would eventually need them. = 13

Now, the bassinets have all been put away and the pack and play is used only as needed, so as of yesterday, we had 2 beds and 4 cribs up and going.
Tonight, the beds out number the cribs in my home! That hasn't happened in a LONG time! It's weird to think that the majority of my children are now in BEDS as opposed to cribs!
I know- I have some weird things running through my head!
And, just in case you're still with me on this... We have a 4 beds, 5 cribs and 3 bassinets and 1 pack and play. So if you ever need a place to sleep, albeit, uncomfortably, stop on by!

Oh- and Bud and Daisy are 8 months old today!! They are absolutely precious!!! I didn't get a picture today- I know, shame on me! But I was a little busy with the whole "bed" thing so I'll have to snap one tomorrow. It's hard to believe they are closer to 1 than to newborn, (and still not sleeping through the night.) I'll have to save that story for later!

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