Friday, November 13, 2009

Custom Puddins Part 2

** Quick update**
Due to the popularity of some color choices for Puddin Pop Kids I am quickly running out of some fabric colors.
What's left, you ask???
Well, You can still order pink minky dot, blue chenille, cream chenille, blue minky dot and possibly, maybe, 1 more pink chenille.
If time allows, (at this moment 3 of my 5 children are running fevers and feeling pretty cruddy), I will post pics of the remaining fabric choices.
Oh- I also have some new "hair" possibilities that I'm excited to try out.
So stay tuned..... ;)

More Puddin Pop Kids will be debuting soon...

Just a quick reminder, to see previous Puddins you can click the slide show in the side bar or scroll down to "topics" and click on Puddin Pop Kids.

Only 12 days left to order!!!

Back to sewing I go!

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