Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Custom Puddins Part 1

Here are a couple of new Puddins.... pretty cute!!! I have several more to finish before this weekend as well as a few quilts and dresses so stay tuned!

For Elimi

For Zippy

Also, I'm considering splitting the blog. I'm not real sure about the family/work combo. Although, that is real life around here. I would have had 2 separate blogs from the beginning but it's just so much work and I have very little time! Hmmm... any thoughts?


Katie said...

The only thing that I can think of is that you can have categories on the side of your blog over different subjects, one being your puddin pops. So people can click on that and all your posts about the dolls will come up. But you may be thinking of something different.

Melissa said...

Hey Katie,
Yes, I already have them listed on the side as a category... I'm hoping that works for most people!

Mommy said...

I think you need a large button that says CLICK HERE FOR PUDDIN POP DESIGNS. Want me to make you one?