Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank you!

Dear Nanny,
Thank you sooooo much for my birthday money you sent me. I wish you could have come to my Red Riding Hood party because I missed you a whole lot. Momma said we are coming to see you soon and I am soooo excited to live in the hotel again!!! I can't wait!!!
Momma took me to Hobby Lobby again and I got to buy a present for me with my birthday money and I picked these dress up dolls! They are soooo great. Ariel is my favorite.
But, I really love them all. I really don't like it when my brothers try to play too. They are too little to play with my dress up dolls. I pretended to call Papa Hal and Aunt Judy today and told them we were coming soon so get ready and we can do some dancin for you again!
I can't wait to see you soon because I love you so, so very much!

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