Monday, November 16, 2009


So last week my brood and I met up with my dear friend Renee ( sorry If you don't want me using your name- I forgot to ask- since you love me I know you'll forgive me...*grin*).

Anyway, Renee has 2 little darlings(A1 and A2) that are just precious!! Puddin and A2 are a few months apart in age and have lots of fun together. A1 is an awesome big brother... to all of them when we get together- such a great helper! So, we met up so we could take our sweet bambinos bowling. Yes, you read that right, bowling.

Why, you ask??


I guess at the time it sounded like fun- and I have to say, the kiddos had a ball!! And, now that it's over, I would agree- it was fun.

At the time I was more concerned with one of my children breaking a toe. (Rightly so, considering Puddin kept insisting on doing it herself- even though A1 was there to help, then she would drop the crazy ball, narrowly missing many, many little toes- since her brothers were tugging on the ball wanting to carry it too.)

Have I mentioned my children have a slight obsession with balls?

In fact 3 of them (the big ones already mentioned) are actually sleeping with some now!

I think it's a little strange, hubby thinks it's a sign of a true ballplayer-yeah!

Several other factors contributed to my not such a good idea bowling experience as well...

1. Bud BIG, PUFFY, HEART, LOVES his Momma, so me getting up to help the other children without toting him and his 22 lbs. self was not an option. I finally gave up and strapped him in his snuggly and away we went...huffing and puffing.

2. Poopy diapers- several of them- yuck! NO where to change a baby. I'll spare you the details.

3. Nasty, dirty, grossness! Have you ever looked around a bowling alley from the perspective of a "paranoid of getting sick again" momma of 5??Let me be the first to tell you- IT'S HORRIBLY NASTY!! And when your 2 year old puts his mouth on the outside of the trash can- you will be sure to have a slight coronary. Trust me on this one.

4. Almost losing your debit card in a bowling alley (or anywhere for that matter) is scary.

Now- on the bright side of things...

1. I did get a few minutes of girl talk in my sweet friend and I got to spend time with her adorable children. I love this family so much!

2. Our adventure provided extra entertainment for the senior citizen bowling club a few lanes down.

3. A kind bowling alley worker returned my debit card.

4. Purell- 'nuf said.

5. I got a work out in that day.

6. My kiddos were exhausted from fighting over the giant ball... yay for me- awesome nap time!

7. They all 3 had a blast!!

8. No one broke a toe!

So, all in all, the good far outweighed the bad.

Making memories is so much fun!

We did decide our next adventure would be good, old fashioned, chillin at home. Easy-peasy!

Buds head, almost blocking my shot, as Monkey See makes his 1st roll.

Monkey Do takes his turn with A1's guiding hands!

Puddin's up next- she decided she needed the 10 lb. ball... it was pink (really more of a red, but the closest thing to pink she could get her hands on.) She carefully rolls it...

A2's up next.... Show Puddin how it's done!! You go girl!

Discussing who gets to be the keeper of the balls.

Cooling off- it's such hard work being a girly-girl!

Me and Bud- having a moment... thanks Renee. ;)

So proud!


Sisterly support! His biggest fan (next to momma, of course!)

Precious Puddin!


All tuckered out! Daisy is such an easy going baby!

The whole Gang!!!

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