Thursday, July 9, 2009


Monkey See: Hey Momma, huna wa wa go sha doe boo.

Momma: Oh, are you reading a book?

Monkey See: unh

Momma: What's the book about?

Monkey See: Hey Momma, see fa go haha grrrrr.

Momma: Oh, I see farm animals! Do you like farm animals?

Monkey See: unh

Momma: Which one is your favorite?

Monkey See: Hey Momma, da he he go unhhhhh!

Momma: What?

Monkey See: Hey Momma, da hehe go unhhhhhh!

What, what, what?????

At least he's got "Hey Momma" down pretty good!
Just so you know- "unh" is yes, not be confused with "unhhhhhhh" which is the sound a horse makes.
He also occasionally uses "si" as yes- and yes, he is bi-lingual, or maybe tri-lingual if you consider "cave boy speak" a language!

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