Saturday, July 4, 2009


Do you shop ETSY?

If not, you should!

Oh my, I love that site and have started shopping there, especially for gifts, before I shop anywhere else!

Everything there is unique so it's easy to find something for those hard to shop for people.

About a year and a half ago I found this shop called "Gemmielou" and I.FELL.IN.LOVE with her stuff! So much so, that I got on a waiting list to order my very own set of dolls.

I waited, and waited and waited and waited some more. In fact, Gemmielou was sooo busy making dolls that I waited long enough to have 2 more babies to add to my set!

Finally, after the babies were born I could wait no more so I sent Gemmie and email asking how much longer I had to wait (when you see them you will understand... they are precious!).

My turn was coming up so sent sweet Gemmie all of the details on our family and...

Meet the Flowers Family!!!!!

Aren't they just the most PRECIOUS things you have ever seen! I love, LOVE, puffy heart LOVE these little people!!! I feel like a kid at Christmas time!

In fact, waiting for them to be delivered was harder than the wait to get off the waiting list!!! I would run to the mailbox everyday looking for them!

I even told my husband today after we opened them up that if we ever had a fire and all of the kids were safe, he needed to grab these little dolls along with our wedding and baby pictures!!!

So seriously, check out Etsy, check out Gemmie's site and if I ever get time to get my shop open you can check out my Puddin Pop Kids too!

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Katie said...

Those are too cute. I LOVE etsy. I have spend hours on that site.