Monday, July 13, 2009

$1.00 worth of fun

The act of creation is often messy- Chinese proverb

Yes it is Mr. Confucius. Yes, it is!

Target has crayola markers on sale this week for a buck. It just so happens we were in the market for new markers. Seems someone around here either ate the tops of the actual markers off or left the markers opened and they all dried out.

I have no idea who could have, or would have done such a thing!

So, once again, in an effort to feed my family, I splurged and spent the dollar.

Then I found some spiral notebooks leftover from when I was teaching.

I put everybody's name on one and gave them to the kiddos.

Everyone got 3 markers each to work with. This helped the fighting over markers scene that I knew would ensue. Oh, it still happened, but it bought me some time.

For about 15 minutes they all happily drew in their books and allowed me to cook dinner.

Then "MINE!" and "AGHHHHHH!!!" and "NO BWUDDERS!" broke out so I had to intervene.

Eventually the Monkey's tired of the fun and wandered off to play. Puddin could seriously do this for hours! I will say, her art work is really, very good! (I am her momma, I can brag a bit!)

She has really begun to put lots of detail into her work and I love watching her create! We even have a few pieces ready to be framed! The Monkeys will get there eventually! After all they are still just 1 year olds! ( It still surprises even me that I have 4 children under the age of 1!!!!)

My son, Monkey Do. Sheer talent displayed here! And, he's ambidextrous!

Notice the thoughtfulness as he colors his hands for the umpteenth time!

Puddin even got in on the hand coloring fun... I actually think it was her idea! She chose a simpler color pallet and stuck with pink. But really, is there any other color worthy of a complete palm print?

Drawing pink fireworks in her book.

Monkey See working on his drawing. Looking good- but something else has caught my eye!

Yes, that would be it. My sweet, sweet child now has a ratty mullet!!! UGH!!
The curls, however, are still adorable!

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Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Such a pleasure to meet you! I am always happy to meet another mommy of lots of littles. Your babies are gorgeous. We should definitely chat more. I did four under two for a few months, so I have been there done that! Hang in there, girlfriend!