Friday, July 3, 2009

A Tip to the Zoo... NOT!

The gang before we left this morning.. their shirts say 1, 2, 3, 4,and 5.

The plan for the day... go to the zoo with Daddy and enjoy some family time.

Again, the plan fell through.

Mostly because of Mommy.

I was up-LATE last night dealing with nearly every one of my children at some point. I don't even want to say when I actually laid my head down. I will say, in my book it only qualifies for a nap. So, because I only got a nap last night, I woke up with a migraine, which I am prone to getting. UGH!! SO, so not fun! Because I wasn't feeling well my sweet, sweet husband entertained the children and let me sleep for another hour until finally the wild animals burst in the bedroom ready for the zoo!!
Which translated as " MOMMY, MOMMY!!! GET UP!!!! WE GOING TO DA ZOO!!!!"" from Puddin and "MOMMY!!!!! GRRRRR!!!!" from Monkey Do (according to my sweet first born son all animals growl) and from Monkey See, "MAAAAma! UP, MAAAAma!" So, yes, I dragged myself out of the bed to start our day- already late and determine not to disappoint the fam.

It was HARD and things weren't going so well. If you've ever had a migraine you know what I mean- if you haven't, count your blessings!

Since I was up late that also meant the children weren't dressed, hubby wasn't dressed, lunches and diaper bags were also not packed. QUICKLY we started moving. We still had at least a 30 minute drive to the zoo and the babies were coming up on another feeding. Finally, we decided to zoo may not be the best idea considering how late we were getting started. The original idea had been to get there early before it got too busy in hopes of avoiding the crowds and all of the stares and questions. Remember our last trip to the zoo?? Oh my heavens, I sure do!

So instead, we asked the kids what they thought about going to the Discovery Center instead? They, thankfully, loved the idea! And by the time we actually were ready and left the house it was 11:00 so it was a good thing they were on board.

They had the best time!! I won't show all of the pics from the day, because that would just be crazy of me and my computer might possibly crash from system overload but let's just say they played HARD and our day at the "zoo" was perfect! We even played on the playground outside and took a walk through the wetlands and made it home for a nap!

Now, we are gearing up the 4th of July tomorrow with Nana and Papa Flowers! The kids (and hubby and I) are excited to see them! We probably won't see much in the way of fireworks since our little ones are afraid of them. Eventually we will be able to enjoy that part of the 4th. For now we are focusing on spending time with those we love!

Puddin and Daisy

Puddin, Monkey See and Monkey Do checking out the turtles.

Daddy and the kiddos in the gravel pit.

On the back of the antique fire truck.

The Monkeys building with blocks.

Daisy waking up from her nap!

The Monkeys LOVED this area! They could have played with this little car and tracks all day! We don't have anything like this at home so it was definitely a favorite!

The learned to change a tire too!

Puddin driving the antique car.

More tire changing.

Walking through the wetlands.

At the playground.

Wherever you are- enjoy the holiday!

I just realized- I hadn't included baby Bud in any of the pics I chose! I really didn't get a good one of him either. BUT, he was absolutely PERFECT today! He DOES NOT LIKE HIS CAR SEAT- EVER and today he managed to stay in it for the entire trip... and not cry... and be awake for most of the time! What a good, good baby!!

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Benton Family said...

Bless your heart...all this with a migraine...I know how you felt! You are such a wonderful mom, but you do have beautiful children...I always enjoy your pictures and your stories.