Friday, July 24, 2009


We are now recovering from the MacFlowers Barnyard Bash to celebrate my Monkey's birthday. They were sooooo precious!
I am sooooo tired!
Words can not express how much I love these 2 little guys! Below is a pic of the boys the night before their haircut. Ignore the pony tails. I got a little crazy and in an effort to covince myself they really did need a haircut I decided to put ponytails all over their heads... and take pictures. hehehehe!

Even with ponytails they are precious! (although, I realize now you can't really even see them in this picture!)

I am waiting on pics from my friend Kate and once I get those I will share in detail about the party. Let's just say for now, it was FAN.TAS.TIC!
My children are only now coming off their sugar high! Seriously!

They boys also got their 1st haircuts. There will be a post on that later too. (so tired)
Needless to say, they look adorable!

And finally, please remember this sweet baby girl. She is having a hard time of things and really needs to be showered in prayer. She is very near and dear to my heart (her sweet Momma too) and to put it mildly, they have had a really difficult weekend. And since you can never get too much prayer, lets just go full force!

Much love,

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