Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Having a hard time getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time! But here we are! All 7 of us in a picture together!!!! (and yes, those are the 4th of July outfits I have been sewing for the past couple of nights!)

What a great Independence day!
We had a relaxing morning, a busy afternoon and a fun
evening with Nana and Papa Flowers. Daisy and Papa

Nana, Puddin and Bud

The kids were super excited to go and visit! They always love going there. We made sure to pack lots of toys- even though they never took them out of their bags! Nana had some "new" toys for the kiddos and the Monkeys had fun playing on with Papa!

Papa and the Monkeys...trying to rest!
They were so wild and were climbing all over him!
We thought the chair would flip a couple of times!!

No fireworks involved for us- unless you count what we saw on the ride home.

The Monkeys...tickling the ivories when we first got to Nana and Papa's house!

Just lots of fun with the ones we love!

Sweet, sweet, happy babies!

Silly Monkey Do... who knows what he was up to???

Monkey See... following Puddin and trying to get the ball!
See those darling curls in the back??? He won't have his sweet little mullet much longer!

I love this girl so much!

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