Monday, July 6, 2009

Hot Mess

Wikipedia describes "hot mess" as this...

(slang, idiomatic, chiefly US South) Refers to a person, thing, or situation in such a state of disarray or disapproval by peers, often in reference to physical appearance, perceived to be disastrously embarrassing, pitiful, or beyond repair.

I describe "hot mess" as this.... Monkey Do.

Mind blowing! At any given moment he is indeed a HOT MESS! No doubt he's still cute all the while... but still a hot mess!

These were just from breakfast this morning. In the 4.2 seconds it took me to turn around and start the microwave he did this....

(the camera has painted an unfair picture here. Truly, it was MUCH WORSE than it looks... and the speed the child possess to make such messes is AMAZING- absolutely a gift from God that I pray he will use for good someday! *wink*)

Notice his brother. Still clean. Yes, they are different. I have learned that when a choice of clothing is given it is in my best interest to put Monkey See in the darker, less forgiving clothes.

And yes, I am teaching him to clean up after himself. Or maybe I should say I am trying to teach him.

This Hot Mess definitely keeps me hopping!

Hot mess or not- I love them both like crazy!

Shortly after this happened he came to the landing of our stair case stark naked- yes, he did!
Know what he said????
"Hi Momma."
Just like that- no explanation. Thankfully his translator...aka- Puddin, explained that they were playing dress up and he did not want to wear the princess dress (really?? imagine that!)
Who could blame him! She has forever been trying to make her brothers wear the latest fashions in princess wear! Poor things! This time I was a little more forgiving and fussed at all of them instead of just my Monkey! I'm fair like that!

Rules reinstated...again...

Do not put princess dresses on your brothers. They don't like it!
Do not strip down naked and start playing! (who knows how long he had been like that???)
And for heaven's sake- if nothing else, keep your diaper on!

All of this before 9:00. And they didn't even wake up until 8:40 this morning! I'll leave the rest of my day up to your imagination!

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