Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The MacFlowers Barn Yard Bash!

** Edited to add... details...
*the stick horses are homemade. made form 1x2's, felt and yarn.
*the haystack game was a play on finding a needle in a haystack. I just burried bags of suckers in straw and the kids dug around for their treasures. We opted to do this in place of a pinata this year.
* yes, I made the melted cake.... heat did nothing for looks of the icing!
* the drinks were kept on ice in the wheelbarrel
* we had a fishing game set up in the little plastic pool and also had the water table out. July birthday's are HOT.
*part of the "goody bag" included a baby oak tree. Our yard is full of them so we dug some up and the kids were able to plant them and take them home... cost= FREE!!
* on the small tables I had a Little People farm set up, Pigs in the pigpen game, and lots of farm books were placed throughut the yard in baskets.
* We pulled our giddy-up horsey from the bonus room and put it out side for "pony rides" - The kids LOVED it!
* The boys each got a John Deer tractor for their birthday so it fight right in as they rode them around the back yard!
* I dressed all 5 of the kiddos in denim overalls. I just embellished the girls with a little lace trim.
* The hats came from oriental trading.
* the birthday books ( for people to sign) were called Mortimer's First Garden. It is a super sweet book!

OK- so I said before there are A LOT of pictures, and seriously, there are! YAY!!! I love pics.... obviously an inherited obsession from my mother.

Anyway- because there are so many gloriously, wonderful pics by my sweet friend Kate (she totally outdid herself!) I opted to choose just a handful of my favorites and put them in a slide show.

This party was sooo much fun to plan and even better- the kids had a SUPER time too! All of my plans didn't work out, and I decided to change some things at the last minute but regardless, the kids had fun and we were able to celebrate a very special day in our family with lots of people we love!


Katie said...

Ok that was so cute. I just may have to steal your idea for the party for the boys party that I will have in October. I will give you all the credit though. I may be calling you to see what you did, cuz I am not creative, and even the little bit of my brain that is creative right now is all being spent on the house.

Greg said...

Honey, you did such a great job with that party. I know that I only helped by small comparison. Yet, thanks for all you do for me and our children. Thanks for the memories and I know more to come!
Love you, hubby!

Parkerson Family said...

You are too talented. I don't know when you have time to do all of what you do, I'm guessing you never sleep.

The kids look so cute in their overalls!!!!!!