Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Recap

I'm posting a little later than usual but things here have been a bit busy. I guess that's the way it's going to be from now on. Funny, it still surprises me!

Hubby and I are still working out the kinks on the dinner/bath and bedtime routine. Just about the time we think we have it under control, one of the kiddos throws us a curve ball and we have to figure out a new plan! Thankfully, it went pretty smoothly tonight with our new changes. We'll see what tomorrow holds!

This weekend we were busy too. It was the first weekend in a while that we didn't have somewhere to be so we took advantage of it and tried to get some things done. Although, Sunday night I looked around and several of the "projects " that we were planning to finished were still left unfinished. ohhhh. There are just not enough hours in the day anymore!

I was able to finish some dresses for the 4th. They turned out pretty cute! Now I'm working on my kids' outfits for the 4th.

We also squeezed in a little pool time. We've upgraded our pool and the kids LOVED It! Although- it still isn't big enough, but it will do for this year. My little Monkeys have turned into a couple of little dare devils on this thing! They were so fun to watch!

We broke open the box of cool pops! Yumm!!


We had a piano concert on our new baby grand. Monkey Do was so excited to see it he didn't even wait to get his diaper on!

We had a little brother bonding time... They look like they have concocted a plan! Maybe I shouldn't have exposed poor little Bud to these wild boys!

And the babes tried cereal for the first time. They did ok with it but I think we will wait a few more weeks. It still a little early to introduce it but when you are suffering from VLS you'll try about anything to get a few more hours of sleep.
Bud wants more!!
Daddy helping out!

And today we had cupcakes with our "cousins" the Kennedys! We all had a great time. And I just have to say, it was fun to have them over! I had 8 kids by myself ranging in ages from almost 4 months to 8 1/2 and they were all super! It helps that they enjoy spending time with each other. And for the record- it was the better part of my day! (The morning had been a little stressful).

Hope your weekend was great too!

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Melanie said...

Those dresses are adorable! I bet that was one happy customer ;) Thanks again, Melissa!!