Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cripple Creek Farm

Seriously, who knew Llamas had teeth like that??? Say, "Cheese!"

This summer we have decided not to go on vacation-again. The idea of going to a beach with our little ones just does not sound appealing to me or hubby. So we opted for the "staycation" again. And, rather than "staycate" all at once, Hubby broke the time up over the summer. So I got out my old field trip folder and this past weekend was the start of Staycation'09.

We didn't do a lot. It seems like we did something on Friday. But-seriously, I can't remember what it was. VLS... remember?

Somehow, I can remember yesterday though so I'll share that with you. We went to Cripple Creek Farm. You can click on this link and see their web page and read all about the facilities. Or, I can just tell you it was, according to Puddin, "Fantastic!"

We had a ball! The best part is we had the whole place to ourselves! Puddin and the Monkeys fed miniature horses, a donkey, goats and sheep. They were able to pet chicks...not sure what kind. They saw Emu eggs being incubated (which I promptly saved when Monkey Do hollered, "Ball!") We saw Zebras, Llamas, Ostriches, Buffalo, Elk, Reindeer and the most favorite of all.... KITTENS!!!! They were beautiful, and as usual, for a split second I had the look in my eye. The look of "please can we take home this sweet adorable kitten that we will all love?? It would make the kids soooo happy?" BUT- when I saw the look of Hubby anticipating the request I quickly snapped out of it and thought..."good gracious! What was I thinking??????"

I was able to get some pics but our loyal, trusty camera pooped out on us halfway through. Sadly, the best photo ops were after the battery died.

There was also a big playground set and I'll just say it was hysterical to see them come shooting down the big giant slide. Those Monkey's o mine are not one bit afraid of that kind of thing! They even went down on their backs, head first! CRAZY!!

The animals were great, the owner was sooo nice, the freedom to play with our kids without the comments or stares (or Momma being paranoid someone would snatch one of them) was a relief. The best part though was watching them run through the grass. Sounds corny, I know, but I could see the joy on their faces and it was just wonderful.

It was so great to have Hubby be able to go with us on this trip (he usually has to miss this kind of thing because of work. I think he had as much fun as the kids did! We had to leave earlier than we would have liked but Puddin had recital practice for this weekends big performance. As we were loading the van she kept asking if we could come back to this farm again soon. Absolutely Puddin, absolutely!

BTW- babies were great for the outing too. They just slept, ate and poopied. Good babies!
ok- so here are some of the pics...

And my favorite...

Baby Bud... cheesing for the camera.... LOVE him!

Much love,

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