Sunday, June 7, 2009

Signs of Summer

We had some summer fun yesterday in our pool.

Don't laugh.

Babies can't swim and momma is nervous around large bodies of water.

We're working on the can't swim part of things- at least for one of them.

The kids crack me up! EVERY SINGLE DAY they make me laugh!

Monkey See is such an athlete!
He loves to play ball!!

I only got a few pics before I had to get back to planting flowers so enjoy!

Monkey Do...being soo good! He looks angelic here!
Uh-oh, Puddin spies the ever sought after water hose!

She just wants to touch it.

Poor unsuspecting Monkey See...I think I see his biceps flexing as he hangs on!!

He squeels, "NOOO, MINE! MINE! EEEEEE!!!"

What's all the fuss about??
Come on in, the water's great!

Sorry, I don't really know how it all ended... I had to check on the babies and when I came back I just turned the water off. Can't you just hear Puddin, "Mudder!"

Hope you're having fun- wherever you are!

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