Thursday, June 18, 2009



That has been my day!

I have loaded and unloaded my van 10 different times today.

By loaded I mean with children and bags and stuff!

One of the things I was able to do today was finally make it to my postpartum checkup with my obgyn. FYI- those are done at 6 weeks. The babies are 14 weeks old. Yep, I'm waaaay late!

Seriously, arranging childcare for 5 little ones is harder than taking care of them everyday! People are afraid... very afraid!
And since I am selective... very selective, it leaves me with very few options.
In fact, the last postpartum checkup I had included all 3 of my then kiddos. I had to hold one screaming like a banshee baby during the exam- yes, I did. One sat in the stroller like the angel he is and the inquisitive 2 year old decided my doctor needed a new assistant. Good times.
Needless to say, I VOWED to never enter an exam room for myself with all of my children in tow again.

So, here I am 14 weeks past delivery and finally getting my checkup. I almost bailed on the whole thing. So glad I didn't since I found out today I had already PAID FOR IT!! Who knew that was charged in with all of the other costs of having a baby?? I just thought it was a pay as you go system. I should have known that by now!
The BIG question of the day at the doctor's office was, "When will we see you again??" Oh my! The pressure to produce is overwhelming! *giggle*
My answer, "I don't know. I guess we'll all just have to wait and see!"

I'm not sure my momma can take any more babies! She was the only brave soul willing to come and watch them today! Thanks Momma! She drove an hour and a half to come and sit with napping children and then had to go home right afterwards. Thankfully they were napping and she had some time to rest too. Although- Puddin is going to be M.A.D. when she wakes up and realizes Nana has already left!

Well- on a side note, I snapped this picture of Monkey See after his nap yesterday.He looks so sweet! you'd never know he has earned himself the new nickname of "Chompers". More on that later, I'll just say he did leave a mark but no blood was drawn!

The funny part about this picture... just look you'll see....
yep- the big toe! Another gold star for me!!! Maybe it's time for new pajamas??
I better get on that right now!
I hear the little rascals waking up now- gotta go before the bounce right out of their cribs!
New favorite past time... jumping in their beds and giggling!
Much love,

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Parkerson Family said...

You crack me up and amaze me all at the same time. I love reading your blog. Hope to see you soon at either church or POMC.