Saturday, June 6, 2009

funny girl

At lunch today, these are some things I heard....

Puddin: Mommy, can I have a snack? (as she stares longinly into the pantry)

Momma: We're getting ready to eat lunch. Go sit at the table, please.

Puddin: But Mudder, I need a snack.

Momma: No, you need to go to the table (hollers for the boys to come eat)

Puddin: Mommy, God said you should give me a snack!

Momma: silence... in disbelief that this precious 3 year old just pulled the God card on me. Seriously??

And later, after lunch, I hear this...

Puddin: Can I have another bwownie please?

Momma: No, you only get one.

Puddin: But, Mudder...

Momma: Sorry, Pud.


Puddin: Well, Mommy, can I have sumtin else wit chocolate?

Oh my!

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