Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Nursery (Take 2)

Well, I'm off to the fabric store to get some (I hope) super cute fabric for our 4th of July wear... you know my children all have to match. So, Melanie, if you read this I will be searching for something sooo cute your girls will be the bells of the ball! I'll let you know what I find.

But before I head off on my adventure I wanted to post the finished pictures of the nursery.
I'm doing this post for 2 reasons...
1. because I have some family members that haven't seen the room and wanted to see it. I really want them to feel like they are a part of our lives and giving peeks into our home (and daily activities) can do that.
2. Because this room wasn't hard or expensive to do. Anyone could take these things and make them their own- cheap and on a budget- just like I did. The hardest part was deciding on a theme!

So, I do still need to find a bookshelf for their room, but until I do we will call this finished! Click here to see the last post on the nursery. It was "finished" then too, but sort of like a cake without frosting... not very good! So, during those late night feedings I had some time to think and conjur up the things I could add, cheaply, to frost this little cake of mine.

This is what I came up with....
Polka Dot Paradise!

This is the view into their room as you top the stairs. This is the kids eye view!

This is the view from the door way. Hubby painted the walls several times until I really had something I liked and could work with. I free handed the polka dots. It's not hard to do at all.

Changing table/dresser. This was originally Puddin's dresser. The vinyl letters are left overs from a project I was doing in Puddin's new room. I was limited on letters so I went with "smile", "love" and "dream".

Just past the dresser in the diaper shelving and Bud's crib. Both cribs were given to us by a friend in Arkansas that has a sweet set of twins too! The white outfit hanging is the suit Bud wore home from the hospital. The art work is custom from a friend. The camera above it is part of the video monitor we have in the room. Ignore the diaper genie. It's collecting dust and needs to be listed on craigslist since we are now using cloth diapers.

Next is Daisy's crib. I had intentions of making the bedding for the babies but it became increasingly uncomfortable to sit at the sewing machine and I was running out of time. So, I ordered the bumper pads and skirts from I was able to make the curtains though. They are made from white sheets and ric-rak! The lamp used to be in my classroom but has since had a baby room makeover with left over ric-rak and trim.

This chair was a floral print that we originally had in the living room. I recovered it with a bed sheet and ribbon and added a pillow and a lamb that I had as a little girl. The art work above is from Puddin's old nursery. The art work is really just pages from the children's book "Guess Gow Much I Love You". It's one of my favorites and when I coudln't find what I wanted for PUddin's nursery I bought the book, tore out the pages I wanted and framed them. The colors were perfect in this room so we left the art.

The foot stool is the one I mentioned the other day. Sooo easy to make! It literally took me less than 30 minutes! I started with an old $5 stool from walmart that I had in the garage. I added foam and batting and fabric! Voila!

Puddin's old armoire worked great in this room and since there were now 2 babies in here we needed the storage so we left it in here.

Closet door. Small table to hold the much needed clock and baby monitor. I needed something else to add to the table so I snagged one of the other kids bunnies they had no interest in and printed on card stock each babies initals and framed them. Then I printed a Bible verse (Ephesians 3:20) that reminds me of my children but especially these babies. I had all of the frames on hand so I printed everything on cardstock and framed them. I made the skirts on the table from left over fabric.

You probably noticed these "polka dots" hanging over the cribs. These are my answer to mobiles. All of the mobiles I looked at were way too expensive (times 2) and I didn't really LOVE any of them. These polka dots, also known as tissue paper flowers, have always been a favorite. They used to sell gigantic ones at Six Flags over Texas when I was a little girl and I had to have one every time we went. When I was teaching we would make them for various different projects and one night, they just popped in my head! I already had tissue paper and the clear thread I needed to hang them. The best part is that because the babies beds are placed under a vent so every time the air cuts on the polka dots move!!! They also look like peonies, which are my favorites, so that's an added bonus!

This last picture is just for fun. Remember the photo of the chair and the lamb that is in it? The lamb was mine as a little girl. It was in my Easter basket when I was very young. anyway, I remember when I was 6 years old, the seam in the back came open and I decided I needed to perform "open back surgery" to repair him. Yes, I called it that. Anyway, I found my moms needle and thread and here is the result.

Aren't you glad you weren't my patient! I was practicing my sewing skills at an early age!

I'm tackling the "frosting" on Puddin's room next.

Stay Tuned!!

Ideas are all in place. Now I just have to get busy creating. So much fun!!


Amanda said...

What an adorable room! So creative! Thanks for letting us peek :-)

noahandlylasmommi said...

Love this room!