Saturday, June 13, 2009

For your viewing pleasure

I'm still here! Life has been crazy busy this week and I haven't had time to keep up!

I had a wonderful dinner tonight with friends to celebrate one of their birthdays... a month early! But, like I said, life is crazy! Oh- and another friend and I are getting together on Wednesday to celebrate Christmas of 08 with our kids... crazy!

Anyway, the birthday girl commented on my "scary llama" at the top of my last post so I thought I would freshen things up with some pics that are easier on the eyes!!

BTW- Daisy and bud were snoozing when these were taken. I'll get some new ones of them up soon!

These were taken after we cooked out. We had slushies on the back porch and the kiddos thought it was so funny to see each other's colorful mouths!

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