Thursday, June 18, 2009

Merry Christmas

So, yesterday we celebrated Christmas of '08 in the park with our great friends the Kennedys.

There is a gaggle of kiddos between the two of us and between the hustle and bustle of Christmas, engagements, families and everything else that goes along with the season we have not had time to get together.

Sad, but true.

So we decided to start something new. Yes, a new tradition was born for the Flowers and Kennedy clans.

From this point on we will not stress ourselves out about trying to squeeze time in for our crews to get together during the Christmas Season.

We will not feel guilty when March rolls around we still have not spent time together or exchanged gifts that are still piled up collecting dust.

Instead, we will celebrate Christmas in June!
I think it's a great idea!

We already have the tradition of exchanging books as gifts (we are both former teachers so books are high in value for us).

So now we will trade cold weather, snow and for warm weather (with an extra blanket of muggy), rain showers. Free of guilt and full of fun.

We went to a local park. The kids played, we talked and we able to catch up some, we had a picnic and opened gifts. The girls laid around and read their books with each other while the boys... well, they were boys. Sending your books flying down the steepest slide is LOADS of fun! Throw in a mad dash to the minivans when the thunderstorm drops in suddenly and that was our day.

BTW- Bud was there but was either being held or in his seat for all of the pics... he did not enjoy the hot weather.

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